Why do Astrological predictions get failed?

Astrology is a science of Astronomy, Its science of Stars & Planets. Many calling this as pseudo-science but that’s actually Astrophysics or one can call it as Space Science.

Its based on knowledge of planets movement, their effects on earth and the human beings. It does upshot as Earth gets energy from Sun or Moon so similarly, human’s also getting energy from Sun, Moon, Mars and other planets.

Primary understanding that majority of people are having about Astrology is just future influential of certain events, but that’s only a part of it, Astrology actually effects significantly every areas of human life and many hidden avenues like – Spiritual inclination, Religious activities, Past karma’s, Action’s direction, Wisdom, Blessings, Regrets, Donors and certainly will awaken darkness in several ranges.

Below are the major pointers:

  1. People do visit to Astrologers and get the directions but often techniques of calculation doesn’t work and reason is because Astrological principles have written thousands years ago which still persist but if it doesn’t modify as per the need then predictions gets failed. Astrological events should always in accordance to the location, time and situation. Calculation can’t be firm and so if more time given to Astrologer then better readings possible to receive, Its very similar when we are going to medicals and need to check detailed tests and like that different checks are possible here as well.
  1. People should pick their Astrologer smartly like we elect the medical Doctors, because wrong selection could trigger several problems later. One should assess well before opening their chart to any person as energy reflects positively or negative side, so carefully select and then only should go in deep.
  1. There is nothing written upfront and Astrologer’s are sharing predictions as per their knowledge, experience and intuition so it should always be consulted in privacy to focus better, not with any other person until required specifically, with proper time given to judge and trust well. If trust is not there then things doesn’t work same way, remedies doesn’t work as well, but before trust gets established… optimal assessment required.
  1. It shouldn’t be just one time activity, though it can be to know the things at high level but if need to resolve or change the happenings then should consult regularly till the results outcome is there because planets and remedies behavior do affect differently on diverse individuals and that should be checked to correct if needed.
  1. Suggesting incorrect remedies by Astrologer’s can back fire, like inappropriate stones or elements which may work in opposite direction.

When Predictions get failed, then people stop believing on Astrology but need to remember that Astrology and its working science is always there, whether we believe it or not but may be an Astrologer is not equipped with all the desired knowledge. When everything calculated in a right pattern then predictions do get succeed and becoming very close to the expectations.

Please remember, predictions are based on statistical probability where higher side is success, 80-90% possibility of any event or transformation is very positive sign.

Thank You, God Bless Everyone!

Ankur Tawar, 11-6-2021

4 thoughts on “Why do Astrological predictions get failed?”

  1. Rohit Walia says:

    Very insightful, cleared lot of my doubts related to Astrology

  2. Priya Rajvanshi says:

    Good to know, it has deeper concepts.

  3. Saloni Shah says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow !! Very insightful. I am blessed to have a friend like you .

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