A very nice person and astrologer……. I always get not only astrology reading but also a practical solution and friendly suggestion …… He guides on every area of life through astrology like career, relationship, marriage etc.He also gave me suggestions about good timings for investments. One can talk with him on any aspect of life….,
I will always seek your guidance in future also…..

Thanks for your help !!!!

Vrushali Deshmukh
Pune, India

AMAZING experience. He is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions efficiently and accurately.Although some things are predictions, he did confirm a lot of things I am already aware of. Ankur, you are the best. genuine. LOVE PEACE BLESS.


Michelle Shaleeza
Texas, USA

ये संजोग है या चमत्कारजब भी किसी विषय मे कुछ पूछा वो हमेशा सकारात्मक और स्पष्ट शब्दों में बताया|भाग्य को सही पढ़ना और उसका विश्लेषण सटीक होना चाहिए वो अंकुर जी की खासियत है, बच्चों का भविष्य हो या शादी का मामला बहुत सटीक मार्ग दर्शन दिया है, हम लोग बहुत खुश और भाग्यशाली है कि अंकुर जी से मेल मिलाप हुआ|

Mrs. Kashiv

Ankur bhaiya, you are an expert Astrologerwho is blessed with ability to accurately predict and provide required guidance in all areas.Your experience and approach is great towards life and helped me a lot to come over in my worst situation.Such a friendly nature and listen everything very patiently and give the best solution of any problem.

Akansha Tawar

We have consulted for 7 years, it’s great pleasure in thanking Mr. Tawar for his accurate prediction regarding our Personal & Professional life. And also his general predictions helped us a lot in different occasions. He provide us a Surksha-Kavach which is so divine and giving positive vibes in our life.

Thanks for working with so much devotion, dedication, kind and generous attentions on our Kundali. Thank you for such a hard work and it was worth it all.

Once again, We’re thankful for your quick reply. Definitely consult you again and again.

Mr. & Mrs. S N Rajput
Vadodara, Gujrat

Dear All,

I know Ankur from 2015 till now, We were working together in one MNC. He is good human being and more over hats off for his passion/study towards Astrology.

I would like to share one experience/incidence here – one day we were casually talking on astrology (I was not aware abt his knowledge/study at that time) and shared one personal problem with him and try to get solution from the perspective of astrology and he told me it is possible.And guess what it was bond to happened. Since that time I start believing on astrology science and study.

Ankur is having depth knowledge and study which you will experience if consult with him.He is clear in words and transparent with charts. He is helping people to have healthy, wealthy and happy marriage. Wish him good luck and God bless him. 

Vivek Ghatol
HR Manager, Pune

Ankur is A Masterpiece! Always A+ Work….
Commendable knowledge… Two thumps Up!!!!

Leena Hingoli
Housewife, Hingoli

Thank you so much Ankur for your guidance and support. The Modern astrology change my views and very easy remedy given by you helped me to take better decisions and soothe my mind and soul….😊😊

Neha Kutrahe
Software Developer, Balaghat

Ankur, you are kind, cool, calm, well behaved and creative person. You have lots of qualitieslike – you are a good poet, good cricketer ,have knowledge to play various musical instruments andone of the most excellent quality is you are such a good astrologer.

You have good experience in this, When ever I ask your astrologic suggestion you resolve the problem and your prediction is always found 100% accurately, give good advise and always speak the truth.

Manish Solanki
Coromandal Dahej, Asst. Manager (SCM)

Thank you Ankur Ji from the bottom of my heart!!It was really great to get in touch with you..truly practical and reasonable approach towards astrology!Your kind words and assurance relieved my stress greatly…
Also,can definitely vouch for you that you aren’t into just making moneythrough scaring people and asking them to go through enormous procedures…
Thanks once again… God bless you🙏

Sapna Kotian
Jewellery Stone Business, Mumbai

I met Ankur in Pune (2017) through a friend, I had gone to him to discuss few hardships in my life which were going at that time.He predicted few things which turned out to be happening in the next couple of months.He was honest with those predictions be it in my favor or not.

He explains the planetary behavior and their effects as well, I would recommend him without any doubt.

Bhargavi Sharma
Data Analyst (Teradata), Pune

Thanks Ankur!You are a very good astrologer, You listens to all the problem very patiently and provides accurate solutions.Also i like the way in whichyou explain solution with scientific logic behind each solution
I am very thankful for your help and guidance, If I need any help in future as well, I will be very happy to contact you.

Harish Pawar
Software Consultant (L&T), Pune