Monthly Horoscope: February 2024

Please Note: “This is the general analysis of all the zodiac signs based on the Moon sign, it may vary according to the individual horoscope and the strength of their planets.”

Major transit positions of planets this month:

Saturn: Aquarius

Rahu: Pisces

Ketu: Virgo

Jupiter: Aries

Sun: Capricorn and Aquarius

Mars: Sagittarius and Capricorn

Venus: Sagittarius and Capricorn

Mercury: Capricorn and Aquarius

Moon: All Zodiac Signs

————— Aries —————

This month will bring special recognition and success at work, You will be highly appreciable and possible to start some new projects or assignments. Your luck will favor a lot, there will be journey to give you benefits. Your mind will be inclined towards religious activities, You will be kind and may help the people suffering. There will be positive business deals, profits from investments, Gains from siblings, overall wealth prospects will be great. There will be continue incoming flow of money but expenses will also be high. There is a possibility for foreign travel, association with foreign land and benefits, If there is long pending Visa approval then now is the time to get the approval. You may acquire a new property or plan for it, You may also plan for some business during this time. You must be careful in love relationships, if there is always running issue then it might end so manage it well and control your aggression. Overall its fruitful and happy time going on.

————— Taurus —————

Time has started to have profits and financial gains, you have gone through some real tough time in last few years but now your time has come and you can feel that as well. It’s not yet up to your expectations but there will be an improvement day by day and soon things will be turning in your benefits. Career progress will be there, new work can be initiated and there is a possibility to have a promotion or some exciting work which would give you success in long run. There could be an opportunity knocking your door surprisingly that can give you sudden growth path. Financially this month will be lot better and you will be able to manage the expenses better. You need to be careful if there are some hidden relationships or love affair, that could come on surface and you might have to face embarrassment. Marital life will go well with some sort of frictions but no major issue, you can plan for small trip which can give you pleasure and happiness. Overall time is on improving path, you will feel rise in confidence as well.

————— Gemini —————

Mixed time is there, You will feel few blessed initiatives but equally tensed situation also. Luck is favoring you well now and that’s giving you tons of confidence, Career is also taking better shape now and you are getting recognized as well as getting financial gains. Projects in hand are going to be successful, you need to put more efforts but eventually it will succeed. Married life will have ups and downs, there would be arguments between the couple and small thing could take up a ride so advise to have calm approach, ignore the things wherever possible. Journeys might not be favorable and give you unnecessary tensions, Do travel if that’s really needed else avoid it. Mothers health could have some worries, take good care of her, Be very careful while dealing with property. Health would have ups and down this month. You will have some pleasing moments with the love partner. Secret affairs could be revealed so be careful else it would be harmful.

————— Cancer —————

Your time is going around ups and down, few areas of life is getting better but still there is lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Your mind is wavering, which is causing difficulty in decision making, your mood is fluctuating which is causing your communication and relationship with others. On career front you are doing better and feeling more confident, you are getting respect from colleagues and seniors are admiring your work. Your luck is not consistent, few plans are changing at last minute, Your religious beliefs are impacting and you are not consistent on your religious mind and activities. There was a harmony with spouse but this month there is a possibility to have some disputes and anger in speech with spouse, you need to maintain your relationship well else there could be unnecessary tensions. On health front you will do good, your energy will be high and would be able to fight smaller health issues easily.

————— Leo —————

Your marital relationship would be tested this month, there is possible arguments and fights with your spouse, there could be principal disagreement which can turn into disturbance so you should be very careful and avoid the talks wherever situation is getting tensed. Your health will be good, you will feel confident, you will feel energetic, and you will be able to complete your tasks despite of obstacles. Your luck will favor you; your personality will be shining; you will behave maturely and your mind will inclined towards religious activities. You will remain feel nervous and there could be anxiety around you, however you will stand up and move on, challenges will be there but you will be ready to fight it and learn the wisdom of life. You may plan or start new initiative, Your business may flourish but should be dealing intelligently with the business partners. Your speech could be harsh at times, you will get good fruits if your speech is sweeter.

————— Virgo —————

Difficult time for you, Your ambitious plans are not getting executed which would give your frustration and often there will be time of depression. Good time for property investment or benefits from ancestors property. You need to be careful while driving, your confidence may go down easily so advise to keep faith in your skills. Your kids will do better, specially during competitive exams, arts or sports activities. Your health will be around minor issues but you will come out strong and won’t have any major issue. Your married life could disturb you, your partner could be demanding and push you to do the things you don’t want or unable to do. Your career will not be much satisfactory, you are planning to change it since long, this could be the month to give you few opportunities. You will get benefits from journeys, plan it well and you will get rewards if going away for any important meetings or interviews. Your mind will have difficulty to take the decisions, take advise from elders in case you are in doubts.

————— Libra —————

You are shining in your field of career, new opportunities are knocking the door and hard work you done in the past are giving you the fruits now. Harmonious relationship with you partner is on the card, you will spend quality time with your spouse and your business partnership will flourish. Your kids will do well, you will feel proud with their performance and happy environment will be around family members. You could purchase a new property or spend money in renovating home. You will enjoy luxury, vehicle and comfort at home. Your love relationship will blossom, if not in love then new beginning is possible now. Your name and fame will be on increasing side, you need to control your energy else it could harm as well. You may suffer with seasonal health issues, but nothing major to worry. Your relationship with elders will get better, females will support you as well. Overall this is a happy time and should utilize it the best.

————— Scorpio —————

Your love relationship is on testing side, You will find little difficulty adjusting with your partner but somehow managing it, You continue need to showing the maturity in order to survive your relationship. You are planning to buy a property or make some real estate investment which is a good plan and will be able to execute it with some difficulties. Your career may take positive turn so you need to do consistent hard work and ready to grab the opportunity when it comes. You may have some short trips which is going to be beneficial for you, you may be having some worries related to kids but it will be fine without major issues. You can get benefits with your sweet speech so continue that, if you go harsh then there could be losses. Your financial gains might delay and you have to wait little more, You should be watchful investing money in share market. Your confidence and willpower will be at increasing side, on health front you need to be disciplined.

————— Sagittarius —————

You are not feeling positive changes despite of some good combination’s setup for you, but now you will start experiencing positive changes which is opening new avenues for your success. Your love relationship is going great and there is a possibility to engage in a new relationship. Your courage and confidence will be back and you would be ready to take the risk as well, you may plan to search for a new job or new business. Your relationship with your partners will be very good and there will be gains you would be enjoying. You may get benefitted with opposite sex people, you should respect female to get more benefits. You may have some worries at home or related to mothers health, but you will be able to manage it well. Your speech will be commanding, you will be fully energetic and aggressive, you can influence people with your speech and leadership. Your luck will favor you well and you can plan for new initiatives, you can also go on trips which is fruitful for you.

————— Capricorn —————

Your confidence was little down but suddenly you will experience now to have it increased, your personality will be influential and you will show leadership traits. Your relationship with mother will be good and you may enjoy good time at home, You will be inclined to buy luxury items and spend money towards that. You remain worry on few things but that won’t be bother you much, you will face the challenges better and will be able to complete your assignments on time. You would find support from seniors at work, also female colleagues will be helpful to you. Your can take some risk during this time, advise to take a careful approach, Your spiritual inclination will be enhanced and you may like to visit pilgrimage or start meditation activities. You may get some money which was stuck somewhere, you can also plan to invest money in different ways. Your kids will give you moments to enjoy, your wife will also support you well, overall this month will be better than last couple of months.

————— Aquarius —————

Your marriage life will be bit challenging, There could be principal disagreement with your partner, There could be aggression and small issues can take a big shape, You can enjoy few moments also but that will be of ups and down. You will find increase in expenses, saving will be difficult, financial gains will be delayed. Your career can go well if you put good amount of efforts but if you are not serious then may find difficulty completing your tasks. You would like to stay alone and enjoy peace, you will feel like visiting to religious places, You may go away from home for few days. You should listen your Father, elders, teachers and follow their advice. On the one hand you will be around challenges but at the same time you will feel confident and fight against all the odds to get the desired success. You may find good career opportunities away from home, you should assess well and take the right decision to grow in your career.

————— Pisces —————

There could be health issues which needs to be addressed this month, don’t take it for granted and consult the doctor if there is anything feels different on health front. Career will progress well; you will shine in your respective work area and also there is a chance for going on official trip. Financial side things will be good, new source of income will be there but equally expenses would also increase. You may have health issues related Legs, Back, stomach which is possibly due to unhealthy habits or careless approach. Marital life should be taken care this month, there is a possibility to have issue in marriage, frequent fights, and could be sort of separation also. New love relationships could be started which will give happiness in long run. There could be infection in skin or internal organs so take care of it if any, don’t avoid else it could grow in a negative way. Overall mixed time this month.